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Revistas científicas

Revistas científicas

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Wind damage to maize plants outweighs that of wildlife: Landscape features associated with wildlife damage to maize (Zea mays) fields in Central México

   Agriculture ● Flores-Aramillas V, López-Medellín X, García-Barrios R, MacGregor-Fors I, Valenzuela-Galván D

Urban bird ecologists cite more publications from the Global North; why?

   Journal of Urban Ecology ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Rega-Brodski CC, García-Arroyo M, Gómez-Martínez MA, Vázquez LB

Drivers of the structure of plant-hummingbird networks at multiple temporal scales

   Oecologia ● Chávez-González E, Vinzenti-Bugoni J, Vázquez DP, MacGregor-Fors I, Dáttilo W, Ortiz-Pulido R

Mismatching streetscapes: Woody plant composition across a Neotropical city

   Urban Ecosystems ● Falfán I, MacGregor-Fors I*


The urban contrast: A nationwide assessment of avian diversity in Mexican cities

   Science of the Total Environment ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Escobar-Ibáñez JF, Schondube JE, Zuria I, Ortega-Álvarez R (...) Vega-Rivera JH

Noisy environments: Untangling the role of anthropogenic noise on bird species richness in a Neotropical city

   Avian Research● Carral-Murrieta CO, García-Arroyo M, Marín-Gómez OH, Sosa-López JR, MacGregor-Fors I

The greener the better! Avian communities across a neotropical gradient of urbanization density

   Fontiers in Ecology and the Environment ● Escobar-Ibáñez JF, Rueda-Hernández R, MacGregor-Fors I*

A dead letter? Urban conservation, management, and planning strategies from the Mexican urban bird literature

   Urban Ecosystems ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Gómez-Martínez MA, García-Arroyo M, Chávez-Zichinelli CA

Density and habitat associations of the Altamira Yellowthroat (Geothlypis flavovelata) in Veracruz, Mexico: an endemic vulnerable species

   Bird Conservation International ● Hernández-Sánchez M, González-García F, Rojas-Soto O, MacGregor-Fors I*

Revisiting 'rural'

   Science of the Total Environment ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Vázquez L-B

Tolerant to humans? Assessment of alert and flight initiation distances in relation to flock size and environmental characteristics of two bird species

   Ethology Ecology and Evolution ● García-Arroyo M, MacGregor-Fors I*

Are invasive House Sparrows a nuisance for native avifauna when scarce?

   Urban Ecosystems ● García-Arroyo M, Santiago-Alarcon D, Quesada J, MacGregor-Fors I*

On the meat scavenging behavior of the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

   The Wilson Journal of Ornithology ● MacGregor-Fors I*, García-Arroyo, M., Marín-Gómez, O.H., Quesada, J.

Cities and pandemics: Urban areas are ground zero for the transmission of emerging human infectious diseases

   Journal of Urban Ecology ● Santiago-Alarcon D, Quesada J, MacGregor-Fors I*

MEXICO ANTS: incidence and abundance along the Nearctic‐Neotropical interface

   Ecology ● Dáttilo W, Vásquez-Bolaños M, Ahuatzin DA, Antonazzi R, Chávez-González E, Corro E, Luna P, Guevara R (...) MacGregor-Fors I

Nightlife in the city: Drivers of the occurrence and vocal activity of a tropical owl

   Avian Research ● Marín-Gómez OH, García-Arroyo M, Sánchez-Darria CE, Sosa-López JR, Santiago-Alarcón D, MacGregor-Fors I*

The prevalence of avian haemosporidian parasites in an invasive bird is lower in urban than non-urban environments

   Ibis ● Santiago-Alarcón D*, Carbó-Ramírez P, MacGregor-Fors I, Chávez-Zichinelli CA, Yeh PJ

Where has the city choir gone? Loss of the temporal structure of bird dawn choruses in urban areas

   Landscape and Urban Planning ● Marín-Gómez OH, Santiago-Alarcon D, Dáttilo W, MacGregor-Fors I*


On the lookout for danger: House Sparrow alert distance in three cities

   Urban Ecosystems ● MacGregor-Fors I, Quesada J, Lee JG-H, Yeh P*

Biocultural species enhancement in the archaeological site of Tzintzuntzan, the "place of hummingbirds"

   Ecological Resoration ● Barajas-Arroyo M, Brown B, Punzo JL, Schondube JE, MacGregor-Fors I, Lindig-Cisneros RA*

Window strikes: Bird collisions in a Neotropical green city

   Urban Ecosystems ● Gómez-Martínez MA, Klem Jr D, Rojas-Soto O, González-García F, MacGregor-Fors I*

How early do birds start chirping? Dawn chorus onset and peak times in a Neotropical city

   Ardeola ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Marín-Gómez OH

Six decades of urban green change in a neotropical city: A case study of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

   Urban Ecosystems ● Lemoine-Rodríguez,R. MacGregor-Fors I, Muñoz-Robles C*

Parasites in space and time: a case study of haemosporidian spatiotemporal prevalence in urban birds

   International Journal for Parasitology ● Santiago-Alarcon D*, Lüdtke B, MacGregor-Fors I, Falfán I, Segelbacher G, Schaefer HM, Renner S

Urban ecosystem services in Latin America: Mismatch between global concepts and regional realities?

   Urban Ecosystems ● Dobbs C*, Escobedo FJ, Clerici N, de la Barrera F, Eleuterio AA, MacGregor-Fors I, Reyes-Paecke S, Vásquez A, Zea Camaño

   JD, Hernández HJ


Can you really see ‘green’? Assessing physical and self-reported measurements of urban greenery

   Urban Forestry & Urban Greening ● Falfán I, Muñoz-Robles CA, Bonilla-Moheno M, MacGregor-Fors I*

Birds from the burgh: bird diversity and its relation with urban traits in a small town

   Journal of Urban Ecology ● Camacho-Cervantes M*, Ojanguren AF, MacGregor-Fors I

The phylogenetic and functional diversity of regional breeding bird assemblages is reduced and constricted through urbanization

   Diversity and Distributions ● La Sorte FA*, Lepczyk CA, Aronson MFJ, Goddard M, Hedblom M, Katti M, MacGregor-Fors I, Mörtberg U, Nilon CH

   Warren PS, Williams NSG, Yang J

Where are the birds in the matrix? Avian diversity in a Neotropical landscape mosaic

   The Wilson Journal of Ornithology ● MacGregor-Fors I, González-García F, Hernández-Lara C, Santiago-Alarcon D*


Space invaders: House Sparrow densities along three urban-agricultural landscapes

   Avian Conservation and Ecology ● MacGregor-Fors I, Quesada J, Lee J, Yeh PJ*

Sunrise in the city: disentangling drivers of the avian dawn chorus onset in urban greenspaces

   Journal of Avian Biology ● Lee JG-H, MacGregor-Fors I, Yeh PJ* 

Tales of urban conservation: Eumaeus butterflies and their threatened cycad hostplants

   Urban Ecosystems ● Ramírez-Restrepo L, Koi S, MacGregor-Fors I*

Butterflies in the city: A review of urban diurnal Lepidoptera

   Urban Ecosystems ● Ramírez-Restrepo L, MacGregor-Fors I*


Nuevos registros y notas adicionales comentadas sobre la avifauna de la ciudad de Xalapa, Veracruz, México

   Acta Zoológica Mexicana ● González-García F*, Straub R, Lobato García JA, MacGregor-Fors I, Santiago-Alarcon D

Got dung? Resource selection by dung beetles in Neotropical forest fragments and cattle pastures

   Neotropical Entomology ● Bourg A, Escobar F*, MacGregor-Fors I, Moreno CE

Vegetation, urbanization, and bird richness in a Brazilian peri-urban area

   Ornitología Neotropical ● Lessi BF, Rodrigues Pires JS, Batisteli AF, MacGregor-Fors I*

Ecological curio-city

   Conservation Biology ● MacGregor-Fors I*

City “green” contributions: The role of urban greenspaces as reservoirs for biodiversity

   Forests ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Escobar F*, Rueda-Hernández R, Avendaño-Reyes S, Baena ML, Bandala VM, Chacón-Zapata S, Guillén-Servent A,

   González-García F, Lorea-Hernández F, Montes de Oca E, Montoya L, Pineda E, Ramírez-Restrepo L, Rivera-García E, Utrera-Barrillas E

Urban predation: A case study assessing artificial nest survival in a neotropical city

   Urban Ecosystems ● Rivera.López A, MacGregor-Fors I*

Peeking into the past to plan the future: Assessing bird species richness in a neotropical city

   Urban Ecosystems ● Escobar-Ibáñez JF, MacGregor-Fors I*

The ecological future of cities

   Science ● McDonnell MJ*, MacGregor-Fors I*

Woody neotropical streetscapes: A case study of tree and shrub species richness and composition in Xalapa

   Madera y Bosques ● Falfán I, MacGregor-Fors I*

Avian haemosporidian parasites in an urban forest and their relationship to bird size and abundance

   Urban Ecosystems ● Santiago-Alarcon D*, MacGregor-Fors I, Kühnert K, Schaefer HM, Segelbacher G


Spatiotemporal variation of mosquito diversity (Diptera: Culicidae) at places with different land-use types within a neotropical montane cloud forest matrix

   Parasites & Vectors ● Abella-Medrano CA, Ibáñez-Bernal S, MacGregor-Fors I, Santiago-Alarcon D*

Shifts in resident bird communities associated with cloud forest patch size in central Veracruz, Mexico

   Avian Conservation and Ecology ● Rueda-Hernández R, Renton K*, MacGregor-Fors I

How many butterflies are there in a city of circa half a million people?

   Sustainability ● Ramírez-Restrepo L, Cultid-Medina CA, MacGregor-Fors I*

On a tightrope: Use of open sky urban telephone wires by Azure-crowned Hummingbirds (Amazilia cyanocephala) for nesting

   The Wilson Journal of Ornithology ● Escobar-Ibáñez JF, MacGregor-Fors I*

Multi-taxonomic diversity patterns in a neotropical green city: A rapid biological assessment

   Urban Ecosystems ● MacGregor-Fors I, Bandala VM, Chacón-Zapata S, Díaz-Toribio MH, González-García F, Lorea-Hernández F, Martínez-

   Gómez J, Montes de Oca E, Montoya L, Pineda E, Ramírez-Restrepo L, Rivera-García E, Utrera Barillas E, Escobar-Sarria F*

How are oaks distributed in the Neotropics? A perspective from species turnover, areas of endemism, and climatic niches

   International Journal of Plant Sciences ● Rodríguez-Correa H*, Oyama K, MacGregor-Fors I, González-Rodríguez A


The role of birds in the acacia-ant interaction: new insights from nest predation
   EcoScience ● Rojas-Soto OR*, MacGregor-Fors I, Díaz-Castelazo C, Molina-García Á, Maldonado-Hernández C

Birds of a neotropical green city: An up-to-date review of the avifauna of the city of Xalapa with additional unpublished records
   Urban Ecosystems  González-García F, Straub R, Lobato García JA, MacGregor-Fors I*

Birds at the urban fringe: Avian community shifts in different peri-urban ecotones of a megacity
   Ecological Research ● Puga-Caballero A, MacGregor-Fors I, Ortega-Álvarez R*

How do people perceive urban trees? Assessing likes and dislikes in relation to the trees of a city
   Urban Ecosystems ● Camacho-Cervantes M, Schondube JE, Castillo A, MacGregor-Fors I*

A global analysis of the impacts of urbanization on bird and plant diversity reveals key anthropogenic drivers
   Proceedings of the Royal Society B ● Aronson MFJ*, La Sorte FA, Nilon CH, Katti M, Goddard MA, Lepczyk CA, Warren PS, Williams NSG, Cilliers

   S, Clarckson B, Dobbs C, Dolan R, Heldblom M, Klotz S, Louwe Koojimans J, Kühn I, MacGregor-Fors I, McDonnell MJ, Mörtberg U, Pyšek P,

   Siebert S, Sushinsky J, Werner P, Winter M


Comunidades de aves en áreas verdes de la ciudad de Santiago de Querétaro
   Ornitologia Neotropical ● Malagamba-Rubio A, MacGregor-Fors I*, Pineda-López R

Tama-risk? Avian responses to the invasion of saltcedars (Tamarix ramossissima) in Sonora, Mexico
   Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad ● MacGregor-Fors I, Ortega-Álvarez R, Barrera-Guzmán A, Sevillano L, del-Val E*

Urban croaking: Diversity and distribution of anurans in a neotropical city
   Urban Ecosystems ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Hernández Ordoñez O, Ortega-Álvarez R

Avian community responses to restoration efforts in a complex volcanic landscape
   Ecological Engineering ● Ortega-Álvarez R*, Lindig-Cisneros R, MacGregor-Fors I, Renton K, Schondube JE

Contrasting diversity values: Statistical inferences based on overlapping confidence intervals
   PLoS ONE ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Payton M

How stressed are birds in an urbanizing landscape? Relationships between different habitat conditions and the physiology of birds in three subtropical conditions
   The Condor ● Chávez-Zichinelli CA, MacGregor-Fors I, Quesada J, Talamás Rohana P, Romano MC, Valdéz R, Schondube JE*


Bird-community shifts related to wind farms: A case study comparing a wind farm, croplands, and secondary forests in southern Mexico
   The Condor ● Villegas-Patraca R*, MacGregor-Fors I, Ortiz-Martínez T, Pérez-Sánchez C, Herrera-Alsina L, Muñoz-Robles C

Scavenger removal: Bird and bat carcass persistence in a tropical wind farm
   Acta Oecologica ● Villegas-Patraca R*, Macías-Sánchez S, MacGregor-Fors I, Muñoz-Robles C

Urbanizing the wild: Shifts in bird communities associated to small human settlements
   Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad MacGregor-Fors I, Schondube, JE*

Warm-temperate, immense, and sprawling: Plant diversity drivers in urban Beijing, China
   Plant Ecology ● Wang H-F, MacGregor-Fors I, Puyol J

Note on the distribution and migration of the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla)
   Huitzil ● MacGregor-Fors I, Navarro-Sigüenza AG, Morales-Pérez L, Schondube JE



Detailed description of the nest, eggs, and nesting habitat of the micro-endemic, near threatened Rose-bellied Bunting (Passerina rositae)
   Ornitologia Neotropical ● Pérez-Sánchez CE, MacGregor-Fors I*, Villegas-Patraca R

Pretty, but dangerous! Records of non-native Monk Parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus) in Mexico
   Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad MacGregor-Fors I, Calderón-Parra R, Meléndez-Herrada A, López-López S, Schondube JE

Fading from the forest: Bird community shifts related to urban park site-specific and landscape traits
   Urban Forestry & Urban Greening MacGregor-Fors I, Ortega-Álvarez R*

Gray vs. green urbanization: Relative importance of urban features for urban bird communities
   Basic and Applied Ecology ● MacGregor-Fors I, Schondube JE*

Spreading the word: The ecology of urban birds outside the United States, Canada, and Western Europe
   The Auk ● Ortega-Álvarez R, MacGregor-Fors I*

Use of tropical dry forests and agricultural areas by neotropical bird communities
   Biotropica ● MacGregor-Fors I, Schondube JE*

Dusting-off the file: A review of knowledge on urban ornithology in Latin America
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● Ortega-Álvarez R, MacGregor-Fors I*

Misconceptions or misunderstandings? On the standardization of basic terms and definitions in urban ecology
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● MacGregor-Fors I*

Does size really matter? Species–area relationships in human settlements
   Diversity and Distributions ● MacGregor-Fors I, Morales-Pérez L, Schondube JE*

Trees and the city: Diversity and composition along a neotropical gradient of urbanization
   International Journal of Ecology ● Ortega-Álvarez R, Hernández-Correa HA, MacGregor-Fors I*

Cambio global y urbanización: Un enfoque ornitológico
   El Canto del Centzontle ● Ortega-Álvarez R, Pineda-López R, Pablo-López R, Lindig-Cisneros R, Gómez-Álvarez G, MacGregor-Fors I*

Relación entre la presencia de luz artificial nocturna y la actividad del mosquero cardenal (Pyrocephalus rubinus)
   El Canto del Centzontle ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Blanco-García A, Chávez-Zichinelli CA, Maya-Elisararráz E, Mirón L, Morales-Pérez L, Perdomo H,

   Schondube JE

Conociendo al gorrión casero: Variación en las abundancias de Passer domesticus en diferentes tipos de uso de suelo de la Ciudad de México
   El Canto del Centzontle ● Ortega-Álvarez R*, MacGregor-Fors I


Migrating to the city: Responses of neotropical migrant bird communities to urbanization

   The Condor ● MacGregor-Fors I, Morales-Pérez L, Schondube JE*

Stress responses of the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) to different urban land uses
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● Chávez-Zichinelli CA, MacGregor-Fors I, Talamás Rohana P, Valdéz R, Romano MC, Schondube JE*

What matters most? Relative effect of urban habitat traits and hazards on urban park birds
   Ornitologia Neotropical ● Ortega-Álvarez R, MacGregor-Fors I*

Current distribution and predicted geographic expansion of the Rufous-backed Robin in Mexico: A fading endemism?
   Diversity and Distributions ● Martínez-Morales MA*, Zuria I, Chapas-Vargas L, MacGregor-Fors I, Ortega-Álvarez R, Romero-Águila E, Carbó P

Bird community shifts related to different forest restoration efforts: A case study from a managed habitat matrix in Mexico
   Ecological Engineering  MacGregor-Fors I*, Blanco-García A, Lindig-Cisneros R

Avian community responses to the establishment of small garden allotments within a Mediterranean habitat mosaic
   Animal Biodiversity and Conservation ● Quesada J*, MacGregor-Fors I

How to measure the urban-wildland ecotone: Redefining 'peri-urban' areas
   Ecological Research ● MacGregor-Fors I*

The arrival of Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) to a neotropical city is related to precipitation in wintering areas
   Ornitologia Neotropical ● Sáyago R, MacGregor-Fors I*

Relationship between the presence of House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) and neotropical bird community structure and diversity
   Biological Invasions ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Morales-Pérez L, Quesada J, Schondube JE


Non-exotic invasion of Great-tailed Grackles Quiscalus mexicanus in a tropical dry forest reserve
   Ardea ● MacGregor-Fors I, Vázquez L, Vega-Rivera JH, Schondube JE*

Living in the big city: Effects of urban land-use on bird community structure, diversity, and composition
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● Ortega-Álvarez R, MacGregor-Fors I*

Artificial nest predation along a neotropical urban gradient
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● López-Flores V, MacGregor-Fors I*, Schondube JE



Ampliación del ámbito geográfico-altitudinal y uso de hábitats suburbanos por la mascarita pico grueso (Geothlypis poliocephala)
   Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad  ● MacGregor-Fors I*, Schondube JE, Morales-Pérez L, Quesada J

Relation between habitat attributes and bird richness in a western Mexico suburb
   Landscape and Urban Planning ● MacGregor-Fors I*

Previo a 2008

Nota sobre la distribución de Philortyx fasciatus, una especie endémica de México
   Huitzil (2006) ● MacGregor-Fors I*

Primer registro de urraca-hermosa cara negra (Calocitta colliei) en el municipio de Tecomán, Colima, México
   Huitzil (2005) ● MacGregor-Fors I*

Listado Ornitológico del Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias (CUCBA, Universidad de Guadalajara), Zapopan, Jalisco, México: Un espacio suburbano
   Huitzil (2005) ● MacGregor-Fors I*

Primer registro de Chara de San Blas (Cyanocorax sanblasianus) para Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
   Huitzil (2004) ● MacGregor-Fors I*